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Scientific American Book Club Offer

For those who are interested in science and technology, Scientific American book club provides a broad selection of books on science and technology books. Being a SciAm book club member, you can buy science technology books and software at low prices. Join book club now and gain access to special promotions and sales with which you can buy science books for cheap!

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer subscription for this book club.
However, our system has matched related offers from other merchants which might be of interest for you.

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Best Offer

Name Type Intro Offer Commitment S & H Become a Member
Scientific American Book Club
Sciences 3 items for $1.99 each Buy 4 items over the next 2 years (just 1 item every 6 months) $6.49 for the first title in an order, $3.99 for each of the second and third, $1.99 for the fourth and no charge for any additional Detailed Info

Scientific American provides a risk-free membership, so if you are not satisfied with your introductory package, you can return it at the expense of a club. Sign up for Scientific American book club to buy technology and scientific books with generous discounts. Earn credits when purchasing Scientific American books online!

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