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Best Fiction Book Clubs

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Do you or your family members like reading? Take advantage of the great opportunity to save money on the best-selling fiction and nonfiction literature! By joining book clubs, you can get up to 60% off publishers' edition prices. Plus, you will enjoy numerous exciting promotions like a free club magazine with all reviews, initial offers, gifts or free shipping.

You can find book clubs for every type of interest and age level. Do you want to get interesting stories for your kid? Consider children's book club. People who'd like to learn more about the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Era and other historical topics will enjoy history book clubs. If your prefer listening to digital audio books, consider audio book clubs. Some organizations, for example Doubleday, provide a wide selection of publications in over 15 categories. It is easy to find a reading club you will enjoy!

Best Women & Kids Book Clubs

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Book clubs make book shopping fast and easy. You can buy the newest publications before they are in stores! Order great bargain literature including romance, mysteries, fiction, thrillers, black books, Christian literature, health books, encyclopedias, self help books, novels, biographies and more. It will save you a lot of trips to the store! Many publications are exclusive - they are available for members only. contains up to date information about the most popular book clubs in the U.S. and Canada. You can take advantage of our large collection of links and reviews, including information about money-saving discounts and tempting promotions. Find and join online the top reading clubs with the best offers! We provide an easy way to keep yourself supplied with a vast selection of the reading you will love. Compare the offers online, find the right book club for your interest and enjoy a wide assortment of captivating books at low prices!

Joining a book club is a simple and cost-effective way to get discount literature and free gifts. Whether you are after bedtime stories for children or have a particular interest, you will find dozens of titles that catch attention and inspire discussion. Many clubs also provide access to exclusive authors' interviews, reading recommendations and contests. Just click on the club logo to find more information about their offers. is designed to help you find books that you will love reading, discussing, and recommending to your friends! Just browse the popular category selections ranging from classic literature to the latest publications on politics and culture. With special introduction offers you can buy several books that cost about $1 each! So don't wait - select the club which interests you most, submit your application online and start enjoying the benefits of club membership!

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